About Our Parish

Saint Raphael Church is a multi-lingual and multicultural Catholic parish located in downtown San Rafael. Our members include long-time residents, as well as newcomers from around the country and around the world.  Saint Raphael Parish includes the main church, Mission San Rafael Arcangel, St. Sylvester’s Chapel, as well as a preschool and elementary school.

The church was originally founded in 1817 as Mission San Rafael Arcangel, the twentieth of California’s 21 Missions. Since becoming a parish in 1884, Saint Raphael Church has played an important role in the development of San Rafael and Marin County.

As you explore our website you will see that Saint Raphael Parish strives to meet the needs of contemporary Catholics, while building on the rich history and heritage that we have inherited from those before us. The site can provide you with a glimpse into our parish life, which includes weekly Masses in four languages, celebration of the sacraments, educational opportunities for children and adults, as well as opportunities to serve those in the parish and the larger community.